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Greywater harvesting – a new design

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015

Greywater harvesting under Permaculture

Water harvesting is a concept that each one of us would think of doing as this would result in saving the source of water. Here, we are talking about the recycling of the water that goes to the drain after usage. It would include the water disposed from the kitchen, laundry, also from bathrooms and toilets. These are called as the Grey water which is conserved with the idea of using it again.

The course of Greywater:

The Permaculture course allows you to understand and know the inbuilt science of the measures taken to preserve the greywater and the techniques involved in the same. Here the different kinds of Greywater are also discussed on the course and the result of using them more effectively would be another concept of learning. The sources like the pipes through which the used water reaches the sewage and the saving of that water before reaching accordingly is taught in this course. In other words the topic of conservation of water is the important concept the course deals in accordingly.

Other concepts of the course recognized:

The course allows knowing the usage of the Greywater system and also the allocation of one in the required areas. The goals of using this system are also discussed in this regard as this would be the source of conservation of water. The course teaches whether the recycling of the water is safe for use. Different types of Greywater that is used for farming and keeping pests from the crops is one of the studies which are taught in the course material. The clues of saving the water that are used in the houses right from dishwashing to water used for routine facilities that can be saved to a great extent. There are alternate sources that are introduced to save water have been taught here. For some of sources you can learn on our permaculture courses.


The uses of the Greywater conservation are explained in a wider aspect. At the end of the course, you will be able to understand the benefits of amazing rain water conservation creations are similar to the Greywater created equipments. The changes in the practices of the usage of water through the Greywater method lead to the preservation of water.

The ways to use the Greywater system is also learnt through this course. This will enable the student to know the uses and avail the same practically when required.


This system of Greywater use has been used widely around the world as there is a scarce of water that is feared in the long run. The motto of using such methods would surely be to have a continual supply of water for long period of time. Not to mention, the training to use the equipments and also to understand the functionalities therein. This is because, the result of this will lead to well versed knowledge about the system in large scale. A certificate that is provided after the completion of the course will give more opportunism in the field of the recycling departments.

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How to return to natural values

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015

How to return to natural values

Nature is the best teacher, the one that quickly show us where we disturbed balance. All we need to do is watch and learn. Nature teaches us to give, since it is the greatest giver of all. The material values have never been admired like today, and the human world is currently materially richer than ever before. But the question is – does being materially rich really means being rich for real? While chasing the material, people have forgotten the natural, primal values that have been respected long before the material ones. People have lost contact with nature, but also with other people around them and even with themselves.

imagesSince there is obviously a need for embracing the natural values anew, there are many advocates of the disciplines such as meditation, organic eating and growing organic food, building self-sustaining households and many more. A discipline that falls within these, and even synthesizes them, is permaculture. The term was coined from the words “permanent” and “agriculture” by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, who were also the pioneers of the discipline.

The whole concept is based around three main principles: care for the Earth, care for the people and returning of the surplus. It is created so that it works together with nature and learns from its patterns, instead of exploiting the resources without giving anything in return.

Despite being focused on agriculture at first, today permaculture is viewed as a way of living and thinking, and it is possible to follow its principles in many different aspects of life. It helps building a self-sustaining household, an organic garden, but also brings a man closer to nature and to his inner self.

da876c405fe211df8742000b2f3ed30fRecognizing the need of more and more people to change the Earth and their lives for the better, Vladislav Davidzon founded a Regenerative Leadership Institute in 2004. It is focused on teaching principles of permaculture to anyone who wishes to contribute to saving the planet and turn their life in better direction. The Institute offers courses for the people of all age and of any educational background. The courses are held in Eugene, Oregon during summer and in San Francisco, California during winter. They are based around camping, cooking meals in teams, spending time in nature both with the community and alone.  This way, not only that the attendees learn about permaculture, but they also learn to build a healthy community and to spend time alone and get to know themselves better. Alongside these courses, there are also web-based ones. Regenerative Leadership Institute reviews shows great results and great satisfaction from their participants.This way, the Institute has had the students from almost 200 countries around the world. There is a free course, based on video materials and split into different section, which requires only a registration onto the website and a decent knowledge of English. There is also a paid course, which is based on video materials as well, but which requires you to create your own permaculture project and take at test at the end of the course. The paid course, if the project is done well and the test is passed with the score higher than 70%, will bring you an international certificate of permaculture design.


If you want to improve your quality of living and change your habits, taking a course could be a good way to start, since permaculture is definitely a discipline that can help you with this. Once you master the basics, you will be able to explore further, to improve yourself and change your way of life and your point of view for the better.

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All you need to know about Regenerative Leadership Institute

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015

All you need to know about Regenerative Leadership Institute

Regenerative Leadership Institute has grown enormously since it first opened more than a decade ago, and during that period it attracted over a quarter million students from more than 195 countries. A world wide phenomenon, no doubt, this complex project is not easy do define and categorize since it includes such a vide range of activities and teachings, but most definitions state that Regenerative Leadership Institute is a design school focused on permaculture and sustainable living, and providing expert advices and training in those areas, as well other environmental and social questions.

mq1As I said, this institute was founded in 2004 and the founding father and the brain behind the whole idea was: Vladislav Davidzon, a highly successful entrepreneur with history of very profitable and popular projects, and a man deeply interested in making the planet a better place for everybody. He has over 15 years of experience in matters of environment and sustainability, and he learned a lot while being a student of big-time names in permaculture world, such as the founder of Permaculture Bill Mollison and the founder of Non-violent Communication Marshall Rosenberg.

vladislav-davidzon-1Davidzon started to show his business potential at very young age, since he started a consulting company while still in high-school. In later years, i.e. in 1999 he made a huge step forward with his project ThinkHost, Inc. – the first carbon neutral web hosting company powered only on wind and solar energy. This huge success quickly went global, and after that one Vladislav Davidzon soon followed it with another project: Common Circle Expeditions (Sustainable Energy in Motion) which was a ground breaking idea of running bike tours on the back roads of Oregon and Hawaii in order to visit vegan farms and sites with sustainable permaculture concepts applied.

Regenerative Leadership Institute

As the next step in his career and creative projects came the idea of leadership institute that could make the actual change in lives of people who would visit it. This idea also became popular very quickly, and spread all over the world like wildfire. Nowadays, there are free courses available on their website, because in 2013 they crowd-founded the idea of online design course (over $26.000 were raised by February 28, 2013 when the campaign ended).

Other than that they provide real-life, in-tune with nature Regenerative Leadership Retreats where students of all backgrounds, all social classes, all religious or age groups are welcome and free to experience a magical and life-changing event.

Permaculture principles are basically a system of thinking that gives priority to natural designs and processes in our environments, with humans being the equal part of the system as any other element. Most people have the wrong impression that permaculture is only about gardening, but it is so much more. Just some of the topics that permaculture course teaches about are: natural building and construction works; land restoration and soil preservation; active use of solar energy; other renewable energy types; use of water and its conservation; use of technology; sustainable cities; etc.

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