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Designing a laundry to landscape system

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016

Laundry To Landscape

This is a system that enables you to distribute greywater to multiple plants. The system is cheap and utilizes the power of the washing machine internal pump to put pressure on the greywater, which enable the system to irrigate a flat yard. The hose is connected to a valve that is connected to three pipes allowing it to take the water either to the sewer or the greywater system on the outside. The tubes used should be less than one inch in diameter. Tubes that are larger than that are likely to lower the pressure of the water and cause the water, not to move over a flat surface. On the other hand, if the diameter is too small, the pressure would put the strain on the pump system.

 To maximize the life of your pump, avoid pumping the water for several feet above the rim washer. If the greywater is to be sent over long distances, the resistance in the pipe will affect your pump. To be on the safe side, do not pump to a distance of more than fifty feet on a flat, horizontal surface.

The system is safe and legal to install in many states without a permit as long as you follow the laid down guidelines. Due to the pressure from the washing machine, the water can travel on slightly uphill on the bumps and small ridges on your yard. It can also travel for longer distances than it would if it was traveling without the pressure.

The three-way valve makes it easy to switch between the outside greywater system and the septic tank. When you do not need to use the greywater, you may direct it to the septic tank and vice versa. Moreover, the system requires very little maintenance as long as it is well-installed.


You do not require digging into your yard to have the system in place although you can hide the pipe with shallow trenches. You can also reach out many plants, up to twenty plants with the system and change whenever you want easily.

On the underside, the system requires minor rerouting of the plumbing. The system can shorten the life of your washer by putting pressure on its pump. Some of the parts of the system are not readily available.

For more information on the working of the system, you can enroll at the Open Permaculture School and Regenerative Leadership Institute. You will get access to hundreds of resources dealing with water collection, conservation and managing it to save on bills and available resources.